Congratulations on requesting your free pack of Durex condoms.

This page confirms that your request has been received, and subject to supplies, will be dispatched within 14 days of the end of promotion.

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  1. I use them occasionally,but its good to have them! As a naturist, I prefer to leave everything uncovered!

    1. same here gonna teach my daughter about safe sex and how to put on a comdom,as so many under aged kids are having sex and getting pregnant or impregnanting someone else.

  2. I think that this is a really good idea, i hope you can reach the younger generation for safer sex!

  3. This is a brilliant freebie.I have hep C not caught through sex but,Hep A,B and C can be,as well as the biggie H.I.V. I am trying to make people aware of Hep C its more passed on by blood rather than sex although the chance is there.So many people in this country are walking around with Hep C without knowing.I only found out as i was going to be a guinea pig as such for a medicine to help people with H.I.V and before i could do that i had a full medical,and was floored when i was told id got this.There is treatment for Hep C,inthe shape of retro virals,so please,its only a little blood test to find out,or your liver may explode!!! if you leave it.Thanks Tracy-ann xx

    1. Fair play to for having the guts to put it up there I’m booking a blood test, thanks for the advice at least u kno u may of helps some1

    2. thats brill tracy-ann luv u are making ppl aware, iam my self pcr negative so ive had close call, but i think more should be done to make ppl aware as the symptoms arnt there straight away, once again its really good you have dun this xxx

  4. Great freebie! Everyone should always carry some – you never know when they’ll ‘come in handy’! (sorry about the dreadful pun)…

  5. Thanks, looking forward to getting the condoms. There should be more offers like this one. More people might then realise that using them is a good idea.

  6. They are for my son as we have had the discussion about safesex and just wanted to make sure the message has gone across by him getting some condoms in the post

  7. excellant freebie, now i can pop these into my boys pockets when there off for a fun night out,without these that fun night out might turn out not to be so much fun at all !!!..

  8. Dont. Be silly wrap ur willy rember safe sex is the best sex!!!…even no i have a son but he was planed lol and i dont want any more for a good few years so durex are the way to go

  9. What package does it come in? Confidential or something that says free condoms? Hope it’s kept private lol

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