We know many of you, old and young have questions about the age old of sex, but where else can you voice your questions to get reliable answers without embarassment.

Introducing – Keep It Wrapped.

Hi there! I’m 14. I don’t think i’m ready to have sex yet, but how will I know when I am?!

Sex is fun, but should not be rushed in to.  It is an important act, and holds big responsibilities.  Rushing in to having sex with someone can lead to all sorts of complications such as children and sexual diseases.  Remember the legal age for consensual sex in England is 16, and it’s been put like that for a reason!  Sex will always be around, and will still be here for you in two or three years time – don’t go for it until you are sure you are ready.

How do you put on a condom? I’m worried it will pop!

Condoms are created for many different shaped and sized penises and so are very durable and unlikely to burst.  The simplest way is to try it on a banana (or your penis if you are a male).  Pinch the top of the condom and rest the condom face down on the top of the penis.  Slide the edges of the condoms down around the shaft of the penis until it reaches the bottom.  It is likely that there will be excess material and this is fine to leave at the base of the penis.  Our free condom giveaway comes with three condoms so you can always use one or two as a ‘practice run’ and save the other for the real thing.

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  1. hi ive been with my partner 4 many years now we have 3 children and dont want anymore i cant trust myself on the pill i keep 4getting i was wondering whats the longest length u go up 2 we,re having a problem on finding condoms 2 fit.

    1. I can confirm that all condoms ordered as part of the free condom deal, are dispatched in plain white envelope and are free from any detailing on the outside indicating the contents.

    1. heyy its probably waaayyyyyyyy to late to tell yu know but just in case yu havnt ordered them they come in a plain white envelope and dosnt look like it has them inside it hope i helped yu

    1. Ewan,

      All orders are sent discretely and so will not be able to find out from the packaging. We also are not at liberty to discuss anyone’s order with anyone else so will not be informing them that this has been placed.

      Keep It Wrapped

  2. heyy im 14 and had unprotected sex with my girfriend it wasnt for long like 5 mins and mad sure i didnt cum so shes not pregnant and we thought it would be better if we had safe sex insted just to be safe and i was wounding what happenes if they dont come in post and cant get hold of any wear ? need to knoe asap !!!!

  3. Do the condoms get sent in a durex box or just a plain envelope? Don’t want my mum to find out what it inside and am scared of whether to risk it

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