3 Free Durex Peformax for every UK resident

By Keep It Wrapped

Congratulations, you are here because you’ve heard of our free condom giveaway.

To apply for your pack of three Durex Performax condoms, please fill out the form located at the bottom of the page.
Please note this promotion is limited to one pack per household, while stocks last.


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About Keep It Wrapped

Promotional website for complimentary samples of high quality condoms. Free samples available only for UK residents.

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  1. thanks for the free condoms! ill try not to use themall at once!

  2. Always be safe and not sorry!!!!

  3. Safe sex is good.:)

  4. Wrap up warm this SUMMER!!!! xxxx

  5. better being safe than sorry lol xxx

  6. great idea giving condoms for free

  7. thanks, always come in handy!

  8. thanks will come in very handy

  9. safesex is best cannot wait to try them out

  10. always keep it safe!!!

  11. Thanks for the freebies
    i will be passing them to my grandson to intoduce the safe sex. What a great idea.

  12. They’ll be very appreciated!

  13. better 2 b safe than sorry!


  15. great fun when you blow them up. theres nothing better than a free balloon 🙂

  16. Thanks

  17. Always wear a helmet

  18. tanks

  19. Wrapped up safesex

  20. Safesex is best

  21. youre in safe hands

  22. safesex

  23. Please sent me this pack.

  24. Hi Guys,
    I cant wait to use these condoms later on my girlfriend jasmine hudson.
    I have to lock her in my cupboard

  25. Hi Guys,
    Cant wait to use these

  26. Do they come decetly ?

  27. Got these for my mums birthday
    best gift ever she was delighted 5 stars!

  28. safe sex,complete peace of mind.

  29. have safe fun keep it protected

  30. Safe is best

  31. 🙂

  32. what packaging do they come in?

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